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Take a Sneak Peek at the Leadership Empowerment Series

Posted in DefaultTag, Business, daycare, Business management, Child Care Business, leadership by childcarebusinessowner on November 4th, 2011
As you listen to the pod cast, click on the link below to view the power point presentation.
7 days of_leadership_empowerment_presentation
View more presentations from Child Care Business Owner
The Going to Another Level Master Mind e-Club will Launch January 1, 2012!

Weekly Child Care Business Owner Network

Posted in Business, Child Care, daycare by childcarebusinessowner on October 21st, 2011


This podcast is a recap of the resources that were shared on the Child Care Business Owner e-newsletter, Blog, Facebook and Twitter Pages.

Focus On Your Goals and Dreams For Your Child Care Business

Posted in Business, Child Care by childcarebusinessowner on September 15th, 2011


The childcare business like any other business can be tough at times. In fact, you will have seasons of low enrollment, situations that may occur with employees or parents that may discourage you. However, I want to encourage you to stay focused on your goals and dreams!

In this week's podbean I share my story about how I stayed focus on my goals for this year and now they are are a reality.

Check out this week's podbean...To Your Success!

Shiketa Morgan

Going to another level in the business of childcare

Posted in DefaultTag, Business, Child Care, Business Start-up by childcarebusinessowner on August 20th, 2011

Are you ready to transition from a home daycare into a Child Care Center?

Are you ready to go to another level in the Business of Childcare?

Want to make more money in this business?

This pod cast is for you!

Visit the blog for more info, click here


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