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Wednesday Jan 18, 2012

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Thursday Nov 17, 2011

For more marketing ideas, check out the  blog post:  Super Charge Your Enrollment with holiday and event Marketing,  by The Daycare Success Coach (Andrea Dickerson) and Child Care Business Owner, click here. Read more about my experience at the Anthem College Resource Fair! Click here

Friday Nov 04, 2011

As you listen to the pod cast, click on the link below to view the power point presentation. 7 days of_leadership_empowerment_presentation View more presentations from Child Care Business Owner The Going to Another Level Master Mind e-Club will Launch January 1, 2012!

Tuesday Nov 01, 2011

e-Club will launch in January 2012! Tell me about your goals, submit any questions or comments that you may have. click here. Connect with Shiketa Morgan on Facebook or twitter!

Thursday Oct 13, 2011

When parents bring their children to you, they trust that you will provide a safe place for their children.  Effectively supervising young children is a great way to assure that children are safe in your care. Are you ready to reduce the number of accidents/injuries in your childcare program? Need a child supervision training course for your staff? Do you need new insight and strategies on child supervision? There is now an e-Course available that will give you strategies on How to Effectively Supervise Young Children.  Download the e-course Today! Listen to the podcast today!

Thursday Oct 06, 2011

Photo Credit Listen to this week's Healthy Child Care podcast!

Saturday Aug 20, 2011

Are you ready to transition from a home daycare into a Child Care Center? Are you ready to go to another level in the Business of Childcare? Want to make more money in this business? This pod cast is for you! Visit the blog for more info, click here

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